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The Building Blocks of a WebQuest The WebQuest Design Process WebQuest Design Patterns
Webquest Taskonomy Reception Scaffolds Transformation Scaffolds
Production Scaffolds Rubric Examples Graphics/Google Images
Sample WebQuests    
Elementary Level An Insect's Perspective Primary Grade
Elementary Level Amazing Americans Intermediate Grade
Middle Level Holiday Quest Grade 7-8
High School Call Me Grade 9
High School Coming Soon to a School Near You Grade 11-12
Group Activity    
Group Activity - Grades 7- 8

Here are the sites you'll be analyzing:

Civil War Gazette Create a simulated diary
Landfill Controversy Should you accept trash from neighboring states?
Creative Encounters Design a new number system
Poetry and the Planets Create poems using planetary images

Worksheet (Front)

Worksheet (Back)

Group Activity - Grades 5-6 Here are the sites you'll be analyzing:

Bowhead Whale Hunting What restrictions make sense?
Meet the Immigrants Analyze immigrants from different eras
Famous Frankophones Serve on a committee
Ancient Egypt WebQuest Decode a message from Tut's tomb
Group Activity - Grades 3-4 Here are the sites you'll be analyzing:

A Stitch in Time Create a cultural quilt patch
Is earth the only planet with life? Visit the planets
Journey Back in Time Portray colonial life
And Now for the Weather What was it like to be a meteorologist?
Group Activity - High School Here are the sites you'll be analyzing:

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Analyze several paths to success
Gallery of Art-i-Facts Design and fill an art museum wing
The Gilded Age Create a documentary on this historical period
Extra, Extra Analyze the world of the Great Gatsby
WebQuest Information    
Mr. N's Webquest Page The WebQuest Design Process Building Block Model
The Building Blocks of a WebQuest The WebQuest Page WebQuest Design Patterns
Taskonomy: A Taxonomy of Tasks
Choosing a Topic and Task Webquest Taskonomy
Graphics WebQuest Task Design Worksheet Student Guides
Transformation Scaffolds Reception Scaffolds Production Scaffolds

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Top Notch WebQuest Matrix WebQuests by Subject Area WebQuests by Subjects and Grade
Spartanburg WebQuests An Index of Lessons that use WebQuests Sample WebQuests and Internet Projects
Sample WebQuests Dr. Christie's Matrix of WebQuests WebQuests by Grade Level
Empower: HS WebQuests Mini WebQuests Best WebQuests
Tons of WebQuests Learn to Make a Better WebPage WebQuest WebQuests for Learning at Gigglepotz
Webquests by Subjects Best WebQuests WebQuests Created in NJ
2nd Grade WebQuests WebQuest Mission: Computer History The WebQuest about WebQuests
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Literacy WebQuests
Adam of the Road WebQuest Author Search WebQuest Grammar Cop WebQuest
I-Search WebQuest Shakespeare Project WebQuest Tall Tale News WebQuest
A Research Process WebQuest Writing Skills WebQuest Biographies of Famous Authors WebQuest
Expository Writing WebQuest Mystery Genre WebQuest Library WebQuest
Literature Based WebQuests A WebQuest About Search Tools How To Be a Smart Searcher
Who Needs A Fairy Godmother Anyway? A Wind in the Door Cinderella, Cinderella, Cinderella
Sarah Plain and Tall   You Are the Apple of My Eye
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Science WebQuests
The Space Expedition Simple Machines The Biome Quest
A Space WebQuest Amazing Animals WebQuest Dinosaurs
Weather WebQuest Inventor Investigator A Quest for Zoo Animals
Sizzling Volcanoes The Invention of the Millennium An Everglades WebQuest
Weather WebQuest Endangered Species WebQuest Best Weather WebQuest
WebQuest Tornado Paper or Plastic? Building Bridges WebQuest
Science with Toys WebQuest Earth Science WebQuest And Now for the Weather...
Animals of the Tropical Rainforest KidPower: Environmental Choices High School Science Webquests
And Now for the Weather Where do Animals Live? Spiders
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Ocean WebQuests
Ocean-Themed WebQuests Rescuing a Baby Beluga Intertidal Zone Tour Guide
Take the Rip Out of the Current Creatures of the Deep Endangered Sea Animals
Aquarium Quest Gray Whales Whale Wise Quest
Whales Coral Reef WebQuest Shocking Sharks
The Ocean's In Trouble Under the Canopy of Kelp Hermit Crabs
  Splash Into An Aquarium  
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Math WebQuests
Best Weather Math WebQuest Using Area and Perimeter to Design a Fun House Can You Help Me Repair My Roof?
The Color of Money Buying a Car Investing for the Future
Learning About the Stock Market Money, Money, Money Mutual Funds
Statistics in Sports Adding Large Numbers Word Problems
National Park Math Vacation WebQuest Fraction WebQuest World Shopping Spree WebQuest
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Social Studies and Geography WebQuests
Brochure for Colonial America 50 States WebQuest Life as a Slave WebQuest
A Journey on the Oregon Trail Colonial Williamsburg WebQuest The Pilgrim Life Adventure
The Colonial Gazette US National Parks Fun With Countries
Geography Quest Geography Want Ads Map Skills
Opening of the Panama Canal Travel to South America Road Trip USA
World Shopping Spree Civil War WebQuest Native American Indian Study
Explorers of the New World Explorers Another 50 States Webquest
The Nifty '50's The Olympic Games A Tour of the White House
Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Where Did Columbus Discover America? Creating an Egyptian Sarcophagus
Holocaust: A WebQuest The Great Depression Johnny Tremain: The Revolutionary War
Jamestown WebQuest President WebQuest The American Civil War
The Underground Railroad WebQuest A Middle Ages WebQuest Careers Past and Present
Ancient Egypt WebQuest China Quest: A Newspaper Project Castle Builder
Children in Colonial America All Aboard for Jamestown Native American Quest
Cultural Diversity WebQuest Prejudice Overcoming Adversity
Economic Forecasting WebQuest Coast to Coast Virtual Road Trip Tour USA
Race to the South Pole A Dream Vacation Castle Discovery WebQuest
Where Will You Go From Here?   Designing a Tour of Washington, DC
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Updated: 4-21-04