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Getting Smarter with Smart Boards

Teachers Love SMART Boards

The Whiteboard Blog


Tequipment's Educator's Resource Center - sign up for free.

Smart Board Revolution - Forum

HODGE PODGE: Interactive Websites, Notebook Samples, Resources, Training and Tutorials



SMARTBoard Resources

Greenwich Public Schools: Smartboard Lessons & Resources

Bob's Place Smart Board Links

Engaging Learners the Smart Board Way

Flightplans for Learning: Differentiation & Deep Thinking through Technology

Lee’s Summit School District

Primary Resources

SMART Board Activities

S.M.A.R.T Board Resources

Wacona Elementary School

More Smart Board Sites

SMART BOARD Activity Hot List

SMART Board Ideas by Subject - Rockingham Schools

SMART Board Resources - Wiki

SMART Board Portaportal - sign in as a guest - login:manntechnology

White Board Resources


Ed Heads: Activate Your Mind



Interactive Sites for SMART Board

Jefferson County Schools- Interactives

Pattern Generator

Professor Garfield

UEN - K-12 Student Interactives

White Board Resources

Interactive White Board Resources

Primary Level - Assorted Interactive Activities



Reading Is Fundamental


PBS Kids

Story Place

Spelling Games

Reading Games

I Know That

Math Sites

CSDsmarties - using the SMART Board for Math

Math Lessons

Math Manipulatives – Interactives

Harvey's Home Page

Fun with Math Using SmartBoard Technology

Jefferson Math Project
- The Jefferson Math Project (JMAP) is a nonprofit initiative offering New York math teachers resources that simplify the integration of Regents exam questions into their curriculum.

Interactive Math Using Smart Notebook Software - You Tube Video

Harcourt's "Think Math" - very good graphics and a lot of great interactive activities!

Houghton Mifflin's "Education Place" Math - a great resource and good interactive material.

Aplusmath Java Games - The Matho game is a great interactive activity for the kids that works great with your Smart Board.

Math Interactives

Teacher's Guide - Interactive Math Sites

Also check the other sections for more resources.


Center School District

Math and Science

REEDY Technology - Notebook Lessons

SMART Technologies Senteo Lesson Activities


Jefferson County Schools - Powerpoint Collection

Powerpoint Games

Powerpoint Collection

Powerpoint Templates


Powerpoint Activities

Science Sites

Earth Science Notebooks

Google Earth and the SMART Board

Science Lessons for the SMART Board

Also check the other sections for more resources.

Training Videos

Teacher Tube - videos about using a SMART Board

You Tube - SMART Classroom's Channel


Google the words SMART Notebook and your subject area for many more links.

How does a SMART BOARD enhance teaching and learning?  

  • Helps teachers structure lessons more effectively  
  • Supports collaborative interactive learning  
  • Helps to attract and retain students' cognitive skills  
  • Promotes more effective note taking  
  • Work can be saved, printed out and reviewed  
  • Offers increased opportunities for auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning  

Good Practice with a SMART BOARD  

  • Create interactive lessons – not static presentations  
  • Build formative assessments into every lesson  
  • Design clear and readable notebook pages, use of images, highlighting
  • Use Smart Notebook tools to focus attention

Bad Practice with a SMART BOARD  

  • Using the Smart Board as a “text book on the wall”  
  • No evidence of “formative assessment” activities  
  • Using the Smart Board only as a white board with digital ink
  • Students are not allowed to TOUCH the Smart Board

  Ten Ways to Use the SMART Board in Your Classroom

  1. Access websites, add notes and save your pages in the SMART notebook.
  2. View Power Point slide shows interactively, take and save notes on the slides.
  3. Use a word processor and have students do daily language on the Smart Board using editing and proofreading marks. Also use the highlighter tool to highlight nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.
  4. Have students interact with some of the hundreds of interactive websites that are out of the web such as – and . Also check out -
  5. Bring up a blank graphic organizer in the notebook and fill it in using digital ink or use drag and drop feature.
  6. Engage your students by downloading sample SMART notebooks with reveal activities such as move and reveal, erase and reveal, screen shade. Many good SMART Notebooks can be downloaded from the sites listed above.
  7. Explore the Notebook Gallery for high-resolution images, audio, video, Macromedia® Flash® files. Files are organized into searchable collections that allow you to find graphics that will help you create attractive, reusable content.
  8. Try some of the SMART Notebook tools – like the MAGIC PEN, a three-in-one tool to spotlight, magnify or zoom in on an image, or write notes that will disappear in 10 seconds. Draw a square to magnify an object or draw a circle to add a spotlight.
  9. By showing video clips using the SMART Video Player, you can pause and annotate on the video then capture the video's frame with notes to the SMART Notebook. Access VITAL on the PBS Teacher's Domain ( ) for a wide variety of flash and video clips.

Questions & Answers about the SMART Board

What is the SMART Board?

The SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard that turns your computer and data projector into a powerful tool for teaching and presenting.

What can you do with a SMART Board?

Touch the Board to control any computer application or move any object.
Write notes, draw diagrams and illustrate ideas.
Highlight key information with electronic ink.
Save in many different formats and print.
Web sites and multimedia through the SMART video player
Use Notebook software to create interactive lessons and assessments.

How does the SMART Board work?

It uses resistive technology, which means there is a small air gap between two sheets of resistive material inside the Board. When you press on the Board, a contact point is registered and its coordinates correspond to the same area on the computer screen. Because the SMART Board is based on resistive technology, it does not require a special stylus or pen to perform mouse or pen functions at the Board, only pressure on the Board's surface

How does the SMART Board recognize where I write or touch on the Board?

When the SMART Board is used as a whiteboard to record and save notes to a computer file, it automatically maps the position of your writing on the Board to the corresponding area on the computer monitor. When the SMART Board is used with projection for the first time, it will need to be oriented. With the projected image focused inside the board, it will need to be calibrated.

How firmly do I have to press to register contact?

Not hard, but contact with the Board surface must be constant for writing to register. The Board is as natural to write on as a regular whiteboard

How does the system recognize what tool I am using?

When you remove a marker from its color slot on the SMART Pen Tray, the Pen Tray senses which pen (red, blue, green or black) has been selected. When you use the pen to write on the Board, the ink appears on the computer screen in the selected color. Similarly, the Pen Tray senses when you remove the eraser. When you use the eraser to remove writing on the Board, your writing is erased simultaneously from the Board and the computer screen.

What happens if I select multiple Pen Tray tools?

The last tool selected is the tool that is activated. If you replace one of the pens in its slot, then the last tool selected that remains out of its slot is active. An illuminated LED indicator makes it easy to know which tool is active

How durable is the screen surface?

The Board surface is a highly durable hardcoat polyester. There is no noticeable wear and tear on the surface from normal use. However, sharp instruments will mar or cut the Board surface.

Is there a special cleaner that should be used with the Board?

No. To remove finger oils, simply clean the Board with Windex or Clorax wipes. If permanent markers are used on the Board, you can erase them using a readily available cleaning solvent.

What computer applications can I use with a SMART Board interactive whiteboard?

You can use any point-and-click application you have on your computer – including Internet browsers, spreadsheets, interactive CD-ROMs and word processing programs. Commonly used applications include PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Internet Explorer, and many others

What type of projector or plasma display panel can I use?

You can use any digital projector.

Can I right-mouse click?

Yes. The SMART Pen Tray has two control buttons – one to activate the on-screen keyboard and one to right-mouse click. When you press the right-mouse button, your next touch on the board will be a right-mouse click.

Do you need special software installed to run the Smart Board?

Yes, you need to download and install SMART Board software 9.7

What can I do with SMART Notebook software?

  • create, organize and save SMART Board interactive lessons
  • import graphics, text, clip art and entire files from any other application
  • save a SMART Notebook file in JPG or HTML format to send it or share it with someone who doesn’t have SMART Notebook software on their computer.